The Compassion Project

In 2011, Improbable Philanthropy was able to begin its work before any books had been sold.  When Al began to write a check to Jonathan Bouw for a year’s worth of work on the illustrations in this book, Jonathan asked that the money be donated to Compassion International!  Thus the first $10,000 was donated and has provide the start-up costs for two child survival centers.  Here’s what that money goes to:

Millions of children around the world die before their fifth birthday because of preventable causes such as malnutrition, malaria, and pneumonia. Compassion’s Child Survival Program is there to help these children survive and thrive. The Child Survival Program starts as early as we can enroll a mother in the program, even before the child is born. Working through local church partners, Compassion provides nutrition, medical assistance, parental education and social support for mothers and caregivers to help the world’s most impoverished children survive the first few years of life. The program serves children up through age three when they can hopefully be registered into the Child Sponsorship Program.