A Community of Dreamers

My friend Bob Goff says that when you have a dream and you share it with other people, one by one, they join you in that dream. “It’s like a pick up basketball game,” he says. “People just want to play!

In the last few years, I’ve found his words to be true. My dream of becoming a philanthropist by writing a selling a book has been joined by friends and by those who saw the game being played and wanted to be a part.

When I started Improbable Philanthropy, I had NO idea how much was required to do it. Becoming a publisher and a marketer was something for which I was unprepared.

And then, one by one, people would say, “I’d like to help with that!” or “Can I do this for you?” Soon, we’d gathered what I call Team Improbable. Their help and support has been invaluable. We’re thinking about getting jerseys with numbers on them for members of the team.

Among the things I’ve learned in this journey, the importance of comrades coming alongside is top on the list. To have friends, old and new, join a dream is both a gift and a necessity. Without them, the dream won’t take flight.

Here’s what people have brought to my dream/pick-up game:

Mailing and Shipping
Publishing and Printing Advice
Art Direction
Website Design and social media
A Film
Legal Counsel
Blogging Advice
Framing the original art
Original scores for the book
Book launch party
Everyone who’s bought a book

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be a part of a community who dreams and who have become a part of mine.

And the latest member of Team Improbable is Jason Germain, who wrote a score and created the following video. Enjoy:

Al Andrews
November 15, 2012

One thought on “A Community of Dreamers

  1. Al, For years myself and other dreamers have heard “oh that’s a nice dream” from those who don’t believe they can happen. However with time, dilligence and hard work they often do. Finding that group of folks who come along beside those that initiate is a blessing never to take for granted, of course you see that. Some dreams don’t find a community – some are ahead of their time – but the ones that are built and truly fulfilled are a wonder and have our Father’s hand engaged. I never doubted your dream would come true – how He loves you. Blessings dear Friend

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