The Lift Project

In 1997, Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest on Vanderbilt’s campus, founded Magdalene house. Magdalene is a residential program for women who have survived lives of prostitution, trafficking, addiction and life on the streets.

Thistle Farms is their social enterprise.

Thistle Farms employs 35 Magdalene residents or graduates. While working at Thistle Farms, women learn skills in manufacturing, packaging, marketing and sales and administration. It is a supportive workplace where women acquire the skills they need to earn a living wage, support themselves and their families.

Thistle Farms has a need. In their manufacturing facility, the utility elevator has long been defunct. In fact, the elevator shaft has been covered with sheet rock. Currently, women must carry 50 lb boxes of product from one floor to another or push them around the building on carts.

A utility elevator would make a huge difference in their work environment, and increase productivity in their business. Ultimately, it is yet another way the lives of these women and their families can be impacted for the good.

Let’s get them that lift! Until it is built, all net profits from the sale of The Boy, the Kite, and the Wind will go toward a new lift for Thistle Farms.  Selling 2000 books equals a new lift! Check out the film that tells the story of “The Lift Project.”

Film by Eric Staples

Update: July 22, 2012.

As of July 22 The Lift Project was completely funded! Thanks to all of the generous folks at Cross Point Church in Nashville for putting us over the top by purchasing 1100 books on Sunday!

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