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In late October of this year, I had the opportunity to travel to Gulu, Uganda where I attended the graduation ceremony of Restore Leadership Academy. Twenty-five students, in blue caps and gowns, received their high school diplomas. It was an amazing and inspiring day. I wish you could have seen their faces – full of hope for the future.

    Question: So what’s next for these students?
    Answer: College.
    Question: How are they going to pay for college?
    Answer: With Improbable Philanthropy Scholarships!

If we sell 1000 books, we’ll give each of these graduates a scholarship toward their first year in college, and we’ll award a special scholarship to Samuel Obomo, the class valedictorian.

And here’s the great part – the Restore students see this as a loan and upon graduation, they’ll pay it back, not to me, but to another new graduate in need of a scholarship!

Started in 2007 by Bob Goff with just 30 students and a couple of teachers, today Restore Leadership Academy has grown to 19 teachers and over 260 students in the Ugandan equivalent of middle and high school. The school is rapidly rising to the top in countrywide test scores.

These students have been through so much as a result of growing up and living in a country impacted by war. While the backgrounds of the students vary, nearly all of them grew up in northern Uganda during the civil war. An overwhelming percentage of them have had one or both of their parents die due to either the war or disease.

In spite of these tragedies, you’ll never meet a happier, energetic, and ambitious bunch! Their resilience and hope for the future is an inspiration to see. Let’s help them with that future as they grow up to lead a country in need of what they can uniquely offer.

Be a part of The Restore Scholarship Project today by purchasing a book here.

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